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We offer complet Mount Rinjani trekking tour packages in private or shared tour from Sembalun, Senaru, and Torean village with the best services support by expert trekking guide and porter Senaru.

Trekking Mount Rinjani in Lombok island is the ultimate adventures in Indonesia. To stand at the pinnacle of Mount Rinjani is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

About Syam Trekker Lombok

Syam Trekker, the pioneer of guided climbing tour in Rinjani National Park, is widely regarded as the best guiding service, with a stellar reputation in assisting hikers exploring Mount Rinjani lombok.

If you’re looking for trekking guide, climbing mountain in Lombok, a tour company, or Mount Rinjani hike organizer, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the greatest service at a reasonable Rinjani trek prices.


Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok Island West Nusa Tenggara is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatera. The mount Rinjani height is 3,726 meters above sea level and is located at latitudes of 8° 25' south and 116° 28' east, is a favorite mountain for Indonesian climbers and adventurer from abroad because of the beautiful scenery.

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Lombok Volcano Trekking Start Sembalun

Climbing to the top of Rinjani 3726 meters above sea level on volcano Lombok and Lake Segara Anak can be started from Sembalun, Senaru, or Torean villages. For climbers or adventurers who want to climb to the top of Rinjani first before going down to Lake Segara Anak or just climb to the top, they can only go through the Sembalun trekking gate in East Lombok.

For those who want to go to the lake before climbing the summit of the mountain, the best alternative is to start the hiking trail from Senaru or Torean villages in northern Lombok.

Meanwhile, via the Tetebatu and Aik Berik hiking trails, you cannot climb to the top, only get to the edge of the crater of volcanoi with a maximum altitude of 3200 meters above sea level, and via the Timbanuh hiking trail in East Lombok, you can reach the second peak or the southern peak of Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level.

Interested in exploring the Lombok volcano? Please continue reading the Rinjani trekking center information on this website that you must understand before coming to the island of Lombok to climb Mount Rinjani.

How to climb The Lombok Volcano

To ensure that your plan to climb Lombok volcano can run smoothly, safely and of course it’s fun, there are a number of important things that you should know correctly when is best time to climb Mount Rinjani and the Mount Rinjani trek difficulty.

Mount Rinjani Trek Lombok Season

When is the best time to climb Rinjani? Mount Rinjani opens every year from early April to late December and hiking time is divided into three (3) seasons with pros and cons:

April to May (transition from rainy to summer)

Cons. The weather on Rinjani mountain from early April to the end of May is still bit rain and it usually rains during the day between 11.00 am to 3 pm and on some treks it becomes slippery like from post 2 to post 3 of the Senaru route and the path down to Segara Anak lake. Hiking in this season requires to bring extra equipment such as a raincoat, waterproof plastic to wrap clothes, food and equipment, so don’t get wet and use clothes that dry quickly.

Pros. The trees and grass in the Mt Rinjani area are still green, the hiking trails are not dusty, it is not hot all day long, many water locations are found along the hiking trails and there are not too many climbers.

June to September (Summer)

Cons: The weather is hot during the day and very cold at night, the hiking trails are dusty, there are only springs at (Post 2 Sembalun, near Lake Segara Anak and Post 3 Senaru) and climbers are very crowded so when climbing to the top you have to queue to get at the top of Rinjani Lombok Volcano.

Pros: It was sunny all day and clear views in all directions

October to December (transition from summer to rainy season)

Cons- Early October the weather is still hot but it can rain at any time, so you have to prepare extra climbing equipment for the rainy season and at the end of November to December it rains a lot.

Pros- There are not too many climbers, the hiking trails are not dusty and the springs start a lot along the hiking trail.

Popular Lombok Trekking Packages

Determine the appropriate climbing program based on physical, mental abilities and the desired climbing target. Climbing Mont Rinjani does not necessitate any rock climbing skills or mountain climbing technical knowledge; simply prepare your fitness and we will do the rest.

Lombok Trekking Programs For Beginner Hikers

This for novice adventures and those who have short vacation time because three days are enough to hike the Lombok volcano. There are two climbing packages available at Crater Rim Senaru: a private package and an open trip or sharing package with the lowest cost.


2 Days 1 Night Crater Rim Sembalun

The Rinjani trekking begins at 1150 masl and ends at 2639 masl, with an estimated 7-hour journey to the Sembalun crater rim or summit campsite, where the hiker spends the night in a tent before returning to Sembalun for a 5-hour trip the next day after breakfast.


2 Days 1 Night Crater Rim Senaru

The Rinjani hiking Lombok starts from Senaru Lombok, 601 masl, to Crater Rim Senaru, 2651 masl, with an estimated journey time of 8 hours, then overnight in a tent. Following breakfast and admiring the view from Rim Senaru, return to Senaru for six hours.

Advanced Rinjani Treks Lombok Packages

The climb to the top of Rinjani is suitable for climbers with a good level of fitness or who have experience climbing mountains above 3,000 meters. Trek package to Crater Rim Sembalun,  summit, and lakes For 3-days 2-nights, there are 2 options available: private packages and open trips or sharing packages at a lower cost.

puncak gunung Rinjani

2 Days 1 Night Summit Mount Rinjani

The Rinjani Trekking starts from Sembalun village, at 1150 masl, to Plawangan Sembalun, at 2639 masl, with an estimated journey time of 7 hours. He then spends the night in a tent before beginning his ascent to the summit of Rinjani around 3 a.m., arriving at sunrise. Then back down for 1.5 hours to basecamp for rest and breakfast. And then the journey continues down to Sembalun for 5 hours.

rinjani top

3 Days 2 Nights Summit and Lake

The Sembalun Rinjani trek begins at Sembalun, 1150 masl, and ends at the crater rim, 2639 masl, taking approximately 7 hours. Then slept overnight in a tent, and the next day, at 3 am, climbed to the top, arriving at sunrise. Take a break to enjoy the view, then go back down to basecamp for rest and breakfast. We go to the lake on the third day down to Senaru or Torean village depend on your request.

Others Trip Options Trekking In Lombok

For Lombok Mount Rinjani day trip sharing packages and lower cost please select 2 days sharing tour or 3 days Summit and Lake share Package or if you do not have 2 days vacation, hiking in one day trip is the best option.

Before or After Hiking Rinjani Lombok

Some activities for warming up before climb Mt. Rinjani: Soft trek to the Senaru village waterfall or hiking to the Pergasingan hill in Sembalun or go diving and snorkeling to the Gili Kondo island after down from Rinjani mountain

Syam Trekker Blog's

Useful information to read before come to climb Mount Rinjani in Lombok island Indonesia


Where You Sleep on Mount Rinjani Climb?

Where You Sleep on Mount Rinjani Climb? Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is usually done 2 days or more, of course, you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days. We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the hiking Mount Rinjani, ranging from accommodation in Senaru village,... Continue reading

About Us The Tour and Travel Company

The Syam Trekker company is run by Syam and Resi, a couple who love adventure activities as their main job.

Syam Trekker, the Mt. Rinjani trekking company licensed by Tour and Travel. Syam takes pride in providing personal Mount Rinjani trekking services for the highest priority mountaineering safety, and the best service to all the guests.

To keep Mount Rinjani natural, our guides and porters collect trash and bring it down to office in Senaru. Learn more about us.

Why Book With Syam Trekker

  1. We have been in business since 2014 as a certified local Senaru tour operator and Mt. Rinjani trekking company.
  2. Syam Trekker is a family business run by Syam as Rinjani mountain guide and Resi as tour guide soft trek.
  3. We organize all your needs for trekking Gunung Rinjani. Inclusive transportation, accommodation, guide, porter, foods and drinks, camping equipment, and an entrance ticket to Mount Rinjani National Park.
  4. You definitely climb safely with us, our guides and porters are experienced, were born and raised in foothills of Rinjani. They have been climb Rinjani since childhood, so they are familiar with the trails and conditions in the National Park.
  5. We pay extra for our guide and porter to bring the garbage from the mountain down to Senaru village. As our contribution to the nature conservation of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Most Frequently Ask and Questions

Yes? You’ll get a lovely view from the summit and crater-rim Senaru also likes to swim at Hot Springs and Segara Anak Lake.

Climbing or trekking to the top is difficult. The Rinjani Trekking starts in Sembalun with an elevation gain of 2500 m over 12 km. Most of the 1100 m elevation change occurs on the 3 km summit day, which takes about 3 hours.

Mount Rinjani can be climbed in 2 to 4 days. A two-day trip to the summit or to the Senaru crater rim is enough, and it takes 1 or 2 more days if you want to go to the lake after climbing the summit of Rinjani.

The Mount Rinjani trekking price varies wildly, we charge you from $180 to $325 per person for a minimum of 2-participants on a 2-day to 4-day trip. The price includes transportation, 1-night hotel, guide-porter fees, food and drinks during the climb, National Park entrance tickets, camping equipment, insurance, etc. Detail info Rinjani trekking price here

  1. Pick up from any location within Lombok and transfer by private vehicle to Senaru and Sembalun
  2. Accommodation in a comfortable hotel one night prior to commencing your trek at Pondok Senaru cottage or Sinar Rinjani Cottage or Rinjani Light House or Pondok Gurue Bakti at Superior Room or Villa Bambu
  3. Quality camping equipment: tents, sleeping mats 6-7 cm tick, sleeping bags, pillow, camping table and chair and toilet tents
  4. An experienced English speaking guide and professional porters
  5. Visit Sendang Gile waterfall on arrival day or last day trek after from the mountain (if you have enough time)
  6. Entrance fees 150.000 IDR/day/person to the national park and 10.000 IDR to Sendang Gile waterfall.
  7. 3-time meals a day, 3 liters mineral water a day, snacks, fruits, and drinks during your trek, and dinner on arrival day
  8. Transfer by private vehicle at the conclusion of your trek within Lombok island.
  9. Transfer by to Gilis ( Trawangan, Meno or Air ) after from the mountain by Glass bottom boat or suttle boat
  10. Trekking poles and Travel Insurance

It's very easy, please select a Mount Rinjani tour package you want and fill out the booking form on the booking page here or contact us via email or WhatsApp

Syam Trekker Review

Hard to imagine a better experience. We did the two night, three day trip. Syam arranged a driver for us from the airport and to our next destination and also booked a hotel for us on the first night. He even invited us over to his house the night before the trip for an incredible homecooked meal by his wife. The hike was incredible: breathtaking views of island along with waterfalls, mountains, and even some hot springs to swim in. We were all experienced hikers but still found it quite challenging (mostly on the second day). If you're not a decent hiker, definitely do the three night, four day option and if you only care about the summit then there is a one night, two day option. For the hike, you could tell that Syam had learned a lot from his own experience as a porter and guide. The sleeping mattresses were very comfortable, the freshly-cooked meals were delicious, and there was always plenty of food and snacks. We even had a camping table and set of chairs to eat and relax at. The food was very clean too, no one in our group got a stomach ache or any other side effects. Our guide (Awal) and porters were very friendly and respectful. Some of the porters from other companies were loud at night and in the early morning or did not pack out the garbage (they get paid extra to do that, which is well worth it). One of our porters was over 50 years old but had no problem beating us to the rest sites despite carrying so much. If you want to hike Rinjani, you cannot go wrong with Syam Trekker.
Sonny C
Aanrader om de Rinjani te beklimmen! Heel fijne organisatie om de Rinjani te beklimmen. Alles tot in de puntjes georganiseerd, lekker eten en leuke en persoonlijke aanpak in dit familiebedrijf. Zeker aan te raden!
Evelien V
LOOK NO FURTHER. THIS IS THE AGENCY YOU NEED. LOOK NO FURTHER. THIS IS THE AGENCY YOU NEED. REALLY. Nina and I had an amazing experience with Syam Trekker. As you can read in all other reviews: they provide everything and try their very best to give their guests the best experience. It's no a lie, they really are the best. Our guide, Ari, and the two porters Senang "Happy" and Jerin were so lovely. Thanks for everything guys, we will never forget this. And special thanks to Bul, the driver, for taking such good care of us. If you're still reading, stop doubting and go make a reservation
Perfect experience and organisation Geweldige ervaring! Alles was tot in de puntjes georganiseerd, het eten was heel lekker, de gids en porters doen fantastisch werk. Wij apprecieerden de persoonlijke aanpak enorm: de avond voor de trekking mochten we gaan eten bij Syam en zijn vrouw en het hele team was super behulpzaam en lief. Na de trekking zorgt Syam (inbegrepen in de prijs) voor transport naar eender waar in Lombok, wat erg fijn is na de vermoeiende dagen. Wij zouden Syam zonder twijfel aanraden!
Amélie W
3D-2N Summit:Most beautiful experience where Syam arranged everything needed (and more) so we could focus on our climb!! The views were so beautiful. The trekking was tough, but really worth it (and a personal achievement)! The guide and the porters were amazing and cooked delicious meals, always on time.
Puck S
Best trekking for the Rinjani We booked a private tour with syam trekker and would recommend and book again. Why? - Very good English speaking guide - The guide ensured we made the top by adjusting departure times and motivating the group (thanks again Yar, your are a hero) - Everything was in place for a super smooth experience, from taxi to hotel to the trek itself. We never had te wait. Syam manages everything very well for a great experience - the food during the trek was amazing and there was always enough for a group of big eaters - the porters were fast and their service was amazing (from carrying all the equipment to setting up camp and cooking) - Syam pays the porters extra to make sure no trash is left behind and is heavily invested in removing plastic and trash from the mountain Thanks to the Syam team for this once in a lifetime experience
Michiel L
3D/2N rinjani trekking A friend and I did the 3D/2N trekking. Ari (guide), Adi and Lee made sure we had the best time and experience from start to finish. The hike is though but Ari made sure we made it to the top, the lake and back to camp safely. They supported us in every way possible. The food was amazing! If you decide to do the trekking Syam trekker is the way to go! It was an unforgettable experience!
margaux d
By far the best activity One of the best experiences you could ever have!! The hike is challenging but very satisfying when you reach the top. The hike would be much harder without our guide rob and the superhuman porters chef jen, the green hulk and the flash.
Syroes N
Rinjani trekking 3d/2n We did the 3d/2n Rinjani trekking with Syam trekkers and it was an amazing experience! We had our private guide and porters for the 3 of us and I would really recommend to do the trekking with Syam! The food was amazing, the tent and beds were really comfortable and they were all so friendly!
Rinjani trekking 2N3D Very good experience of syam trekker. Ahyar was our guide en 3 very strong porters. Without them we couldn't manage. Good food en sleeping. Highly recommend it!


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  • Permits to climb Rinjani in 2023 are limited per day, so reserve your permit now before others do.

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