Donations and Charity Trek

After the earthquake in late July 2018 to August 2018 with 7.0 magnitude destroyed all the houses and buildings in Senaru village and most north of Lombok and the climbing activities to Mount Rinjani is closed made us aware that we must share with one another.

We are fortunate because we have bit savings in the bank from our business profits so far while most people in Senaru who work as guides and porters they had lose of their houses, money etc and must to sleep in emergency tents expecting foods given from donations.

“It’s hard to make things right for everyone. But if everybody helps just one person, lots of people would get helped” ― Linwood Barclay

We are Syam Trekker along with some donaturs, most of them who had climbed to Mount Rinjani with us participated to help the residents around Senaru who need help in the form of cash, food and tents to survive while waiting for help from the government.

Donaturs: Mr/Mrs/Ms: Maarten, NG, Aleid, Erik, Sheila, Deana, Maud, Klass, Christina, Lee, Matthew, Whyndham, Molly, Julien, Dirkje, Alexander, Foo, Tuyet, Rui, Antoine, Lim, Derek, Sander, Lisa, Dave, Ellen and some others

Now we have returned to restructure our lives for the future by rebuilding our houses and starting to work again. We are a trekking company to Mount Rinjani have a spirit to help the people who need help in Senaru. We give them the foods packages that will be given directly by our guests who come to climb mount Rinjani. The cost for purchasing foods packages we take from some of our profits as a tour organizer.