Mount Rinjani News

Mount Rinjani News

Mount Rinjani route open

Update information the trekking route Mount Rinjani from Senaru village to crater rim Senaru open for visitor for 2 days 1 night hiking to crater rim Senaru while other route : Sembalun or Timbanuh still closed after the earthquake last July 2018.

Mount Rinjani Closed

Mount Rinjani has been closed to climbers since the 6.4 magnitudo earthquake occurred at 06:47 local time on 29 July 2019 which resulted in 1 climber from Makassar, Indonesia being killed by an avalanche on the path to Segara Anak lake and one climber from the Malaysia died while still sleeping because of a house ruined in Sajang village, east Lombok Sembalun sub-district.

Rinjani Entrance ticket news

As per government regulation No. S.730/T.39/TU/KSA/6/2017.
New entrance ticket for Rinjani increase from 150.000 IDR per trip become 300.000 IDR per trip valid from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2017.
We will charge the more of 150.000 IDR to the clients.
Apologize for inconvenience.

Package cost Rinjani 2018 visit Mount Rinjani trekking package price page for detail information.