Mountaineering can be a tough job, including traversing steep slopes and deep valleys. Therefore, climbers should understand and be careful when climbing Mount Rinjani.

A few tips for young novice climbers to stay safe and comfortable:

1. Prepare mentally and physically
Those who climb Mount Rinjani should be in good physical and mental condition as the trekking route is not easy to navigate. Therefore, future climbers must exercise at least one week before climbing and maintain their fitness.


2. Know where to travel
Knowing and understanding the roads and terrain while traveling is also important. Of course, every road and every land can be different. This can be done by watching Mount Rinjani videos on social media, and read the related rules or for more details you can contact us Syam Trekker.

3. Use the services of a trekking organizer (TO) from Senaru or Sembalun.
By using the TO service, would-be climbers can help with many things, from preparing standard climbing equipment, during travel, to descending. The guide acts as a leader for the climbers, while the porter is responsible for helping the climbers to carry their belongings and prepare for the needs of the climbers.

4. Prepare according to standards
Before entering the climbing area, the equipment of future climbers must first be checked to determine whether it meets the current standards and checklists or not. According to standard operating procedures, if potential climbers are carrying materials that may cause litter, they should also be reported. Of course, climbers must dispose of their waste at the climbing area themselves. Many other products are prohibited, such as soap, shampoo, soap, cleaning water, and other products that contain hazardous substances that can pollute the environment through Mount Rinjani National Park.

5. Register online
Prospective hikers must first register online and are usually checked in by a tour operator if you use the services of a tour operator.