My name Syam and Resi my wife, we ​​are couple who love adventure activities as our main job. I did a lot of experience as a licensed guide to Mount Rinjani and my wife Resi has lot experience as a women guide to Mount Rinjani, soft trekking to Pergasingan hill Sembalun and Senaru village Local Tour.

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We run Syam Trekker as an adventure company with Personal Service, we give priority to safety and the best service to all our guests.

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We do not accept guests outside of our capabilities as a trek organizer as we do priority to quality of service, so if you would like to climb Mount Rinjani or hiking to Pergasingan hill Sembalun or Senaru village Local tour immediately contact us to make an appointment time with us and we will prepare everything for the best service.


Special Event Group Package.

Special Group Event Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights to Summit and Segara Anak lake start via Sembalun to explore Rinjani mountain finish at Senaru village, start every 15th of each month from April to December and suitable for single, couple or group trekker, learn more here