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Trekking Mount Rinjani in Lombok island is the ultimate adventures in Indonesia. To stand at the pinnacle of Mount Rinjani is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

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Syam Trekker, the pioneers of guided ascents on Rinjani, is widely regarded as the best guiding service, with a stellar reputation for assisting members of our hikers exploring Mount Rinjani National Park.

If you’re looking for trekking Lombok guide, hiking in Lombok, a tour company, or Mount Rinjani hike organizer, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the greatest service at a reasonable Rinjani trek prices.


Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Mount Rinjani located in Mount Rinjani National Park on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatera. The mount Rinjani height is 3,726 meters above sea level and is located at latitudes of 8° 25' south and 116° 28' east, is a favorite mountain for Indonesian climbers and adventurer from abroad because of the beautiful scenery.

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Lombok Volcano Trekking Start Sembalun

Climbing to the top of Rinjani 3726 meters above sea level on volcano Lombok and Lake Segara Anak can start from Sembalun, Senaru, or Torean villages. For climbers or adventurers who want to climb to the top of Rinjani first before going down to Lake Segara Anak or just climb to the top, they can only go through the Sembalun trekking gate in East Lombok.

For Rinjani adventure who want to go to the lake before climbing the summit of the mountain, the best alternative is to start the hiking trail from Senaru or Torean villages in northern Lombok.

Meanwhile, via the Tetebatu and Aik Berik hiking trails, you cannot climb to the top, only get to the edge of the crater of volcanoi with a maximum altitude of 3200 meters above sea level, and via the Timbanuh hiking trail in East Lombok, you can reach the second peak or the southern peak of Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level.

Interested in exploring the Lombok volcano? Please continue reading the Rinjani trekking center information on this website that you must understand before coming to the island of Lombok to climb Mount Rinjani.

How to climb The Lombok Volcano

To ensure that your plan to climb Lombok volcano can run smoothly, safely and of course it’s fun, there are a number of important things that you should know correctly when is best time to climb Mount Rinjani and the Mount Rinjani trek difficulty.

Mount Rinjani Trek Lombok Season

When best time to climb Rinjani? Mount Rinjani open every year from early April to late December and hiking time is divided into three (3) seasons with pros and cons:

April to May (transition from rainy to summer)

Cons. The weather on Rinjani mountain from early April to the end of May is still bit rain and it usually rains during the day between 11.00 am to 3 pm and on some treks it becomes slippery like from post 2 to post 3 of the Senaru route and the path down to Segara Anak lake. Hiking in this season requires to bring extra equipment such as a raincoat, waterproof plastic to wrap clothes, food and equipment, so don’t get wet and use clothes that dry quickly.

Pros. The trees and grass in the Mt Rinjani area are still green, the hiking trails are not dusty, it is not hot all day long, many water locations are found along the hiking trails and there are not too many climbers.

June to September (Summer)

Cons: The weather is hot during the day and very cold at night, the hiking trails are dusty, there are only springs at (Post 2 Sembalun, near Lake Segara Anak and Post 3 Senaru) and climbers are very crowded so when climbing to the top you have to queue to get at the top of Rinjani Lombok Volcano.

Pros: It was sunny all day and clear views in all directions

October to December (transition from summer to rainy season)

Cons- Early October the weather is still hot but it can rain at any time, so you have to prepare extra climbing equipment for the rainy season and at the end of November to December it rains a lot.

Pros- There are not too many climbers, the hiking trails are not dusty and the springs start a lot along the hiking trail.

Popular Lombok Trekking Packages

Determine the appropriate climbing program based on physical, mental abilities and the desired climbing target. Climbing Mont Rinjani does not necessitate any rock climbing skills or mountain climbing technical knowledge; simply prepare your fitness and we will do the rest.

Lombok Trekking Programs For Beginner Hikers

This for novice adventures and those who have short vacation time because three days are enough to hike the Lombok volcano. There are two climbing packages available at Crater Rim Senaru: a private package and an open trip or sharing package with the lowest cost.


2 Days 1 Night Crater Rim Sembalun

The Rinjani trekking begins at 1150 masl and ends at 2639 masl, with an estimated 7-hour journey to the Sembalun crater rim or summit campsite, where the hiker spends the night in a tent before returning to Sembalun for a 5-hour trip the next day after breakfast.


2 Days 1 Night Crater Rim Senaru

The Rinjani hiking Lombok starts from Senaru Lombok, 601 masl, to Crater Rim Senaru, 2651 masl, with an estimated journey time of 8 hours, then overnight in a tent. Following breakfast and admiring the view from Rim Senaru, return to Senaru for six hours.

Advanced Rinjani Treks Lombok Packages

The climb to the top of Rinjani is suitable for climbers with a good level of fitness or who have experience climbing mountains above 3,000 meters. Trek package to Crater Rim Sembalun,  summit, and lakes For 3-days 2-nights, there are 2 options available: private packages and open trips or sharing packages at a lower cost.

puncak gunung Rinjani

2 Days 1 Night Summit Mount Rinjani

The Rinjani Trekking starts from Sembalun village, at 1150 masl, to Plawangan Sembalun, at 2639 masl, with an estimated journey time of 7 hours. He then spends the night in a tent before beginning his ascent to the summit of Rinjani around 3 a.m., arriving at sunrise. Then back down for 1.5 hours to basecamp for rest and breakfast. After enough rest, the journey continues down to Sembalun for 5 hours.

rinjani top

3 Days 2 Nights Summit and Lake

The Sembalun Rinjani trek begins at Sembalun, 1150 masl, and ends at the crater rim, 2639 masl, taking approximately 7 hours. Then slept overnight in a tent, and the next day, at 3 am, climbed to the top, arriving at sunrise. Take a break to enjoy the view, then go back down to basecamp for rest and breakfast. We go to the lake on the third day down to Senaru or Torean village depend on your request.

Others Trip Options Trekking In Lombok

For Lombok Mount Rinjani day trip sharing packages and lower cost please select 2 days sharing tour or 3 days Summit and Lake share Package or if you do not have 2 days vacation, hiking in one day trip is the best option.

Before or After Hiking Rinjani Lombok

Some activities for warming up before climb Mt. Rinjani: Soft trek to the Senaru village waterfall or hiking to the Pergasingan hill in Sembalun or go diving and snorkeling to the Gili Kondo island after down from Rinjani mountain

Syam Trekker Blog's

Useful information to read before come to climb Mount Rinjani in Lombok island Indonesia


Where You Sleep on Mount Rinjani Climb?

Where You Sleep on Mount Rinjani Climb? Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is usually done 2 days or more, of course, you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days. We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the hiking Mount Rinjani, ranging from accommodation in Senaru village,... Continue reading

About Us The Tour and Travel Company

The Syam Trekker company is run by Syam and Resi, a couple who love adventure activities as their main job.

Syam Trekker, the Mt. Rinjani trekking company licensed by Tour and Travel. Syam takes pride in providing personal Mount Rinjani trekking services for the highest priority mountaineering safety, and the best service to all the guests.

To keep Mount Rinjani natural, our guides and porters collect trash and bring it down to office in Senaru. Learn more about us.

Why Book With Syam Trekker

  1. We have been in business since 2014 as a certified local Senaru tour operator and Mt. Rinjani trekking company.
  2. Syam Trekker is a family business run by Syam as Rinjani mountain guide and Resi as tour guide soft trek.
  3. We organize all your needs for trekking Gunung Rinjani. Inclusive transportation, accommodation, guide, porter, foods and drinks, camping equipment, and an entrance ticket to Mount Rinjani National Park.
  4. You definitely climb safely with us, our guides and porters are experienced, were born and raised in foothills of Rinjani. They have been climb Rinjani since childhood, so they are familiar with the trails and conditions in the National Park.
  5. We pay extra for our guide and porter to bring the garbage from the mountain down to Senaru village. As our contribution to the nature conservation of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Most Frequently Ask and Questions

Yes? You’ll get a lovely view from the summit and crater-rim Senaru also likes to swim at Hot Springs and Segara Anak Lake.

Climbing or trekking to the top is difficult. The Rinjani Trekking starts in Sembalun with an elevation gain of 2500 m over 12 km. Most of the 1100 m elevation change occurs on the 3 km summit day, which takes about 3 hours.

Mount Rinjani can be climbed in 2 to 4 days. A two-day trip to the summit or to the Senaru crater rim is enough, and it takes 1 or 2 more days if you want to go to the lake after climbing the summit of Rinjani.

The Mount Rinjani trekking price varies wildly, we charge you from $180 to $325 per person for a minimum of 2-participants on a 2-day to 4-day trip. The price includes transportation, 1-night hotel, guide-porter fees, food and drinks during the climb, National Park entrance tickets, camping equipment, insurance, etc. Detail info Rinjani trekking price here

  1. Pick up from any location within Lombok and transfer by private vehicle to Senaru and Sembalun
  2. Accommodation in a comfortable hotel one night prior to commencing your trek at Pondok Senaru cottage or Sinar Rinjani Cottage or Rinjani Light House or Pondok Gurue Bakti at Superior Room or Villa Bambu
  3. Quality camping equipment: tents, sleeping mats 6-7 cm tick, sleeping bags, pillow, camping table and chair and toilet tents
  4. An experienced English speaking guide and professional porters
  5. Visit Sendang Gile waterfall on arrival day or last day trek after from the mountain (if you have enough time)
  6. Entrance fees 150.000 IDR/day/person to the national park and 10.000 IDR to Sendang Gile waterfall.
  7. 3-time meals a day, 3 liters mineral water a day, snacks, fruits, and drinks during your trek, and dinner on arrival day
  8. Transfer by private vehicle at the conclusion of your trek within Lombok island.
  9. Transfer by to Gilis ( Trawangan, Meno or Air ) after from the mountain by Glass bottom boat or suttle boat
  10. Trekking poles and Travel Insurance

It's very easy, please select a Mount Rinjani tour package you want and fill out the booking form on the booking page here or contact us via email or WhatsApp

Syam Trekker Review

trekking reviw

3D2N Rinjani Summit We did the 3D2N tour to the summit with Rob as our guide and it was the best thing we have ever done!!We did our research before hand and knew this would be challenging… we are quite active but not hikers so found parts of this trek tough and strenuous (particularly the afternoon of day 2 which was exhausting and a lot more demanding than I had anticipated…. I thought the Summit would be the hardest part) but it was so rewarding and a once in a lifetime experience. Rob our guide was friendly, fun, patient and motivating. He also shared lots of information on the mystics of Queen Rinjani and local insights.From start to finish it was excellent. The porters were amazing and we had everything we could need, so much delicious food and fruit, plenty of water and comfy clean camping equipment. In addition to all the info on the webpage Syam and his team delivered so much more that we thought. From the airport pick up with Bull across the long scenic Lombok views, the first night stay in the bamboo village (with the most spectacular sunset views), to the stop at the waterfalls when we were finished to refresh and enjoy… my partner left his coat in the UK and the team were able to provide a spare for him, and also we had a private boat transfer to Gili T afterwards. Everything was seamless and a dream! Lastly, they really take care of the mountain, there is a big focus on keeping it clean and our tour left no trace behind us wherever we went. They also participate in wider clear up missions where Syam’s wife Resi makes recycled bags made out of collected rubbish.If in any doubt, book with Syam Trekkers!
claire h
SYAM TREKKER IS THE BEST What an AMAZING couple of days we had thanks to Syam Trekker. Our guide Ari was super nice and made this adventure unforgettable. Wonderful experience, very good food also hmmmm. I would recommend this organization to EVERYONE. Thank you so much.
Amazing experience with the best team! Amazing Experience with Syam Trekker Team!They picked us up at the airport and drove us to Senaru, we slept in a really nice bamboo cottage the night before the expedition. Syam and his team are really professional and friendlyl, his wife prepared us an amazing dinner the night before 🙂 Nice home made tipical indonesian food! Rupi was our guide, he was so nice and a great guide! All the team made our 2D 1N unforgettable, they cooked amazing food for us during both days! I really recommend them!Thank you for everything!Claudia
Claudia M
Breathtaking Rinjani Climb! An amazing journey up to the peak of Rinjani with the team from Syam Trekker. The journey was tough with breathtaking views, all made possible with the care, advice and patience of our guide and the porters! We were very well taken care of from the moment we arrived at the airport until the completion of this epic journey. With more than 10 years of experience and thousands of ascent up Rinjani, the teams at Syam Trekker are truly a pro. They were both attentive and accommodating to our needs and gave us a sense of safety and confidence that we can make it to the summit. Can’t thank them enough for making our climb a memorable one. Highly recommended!
Excellent two day trek Excellent two day trek to summit with my two friends. From the airport pick up, to briefing, to the actual trek, it was first class service and attention. Syam and his team really took care of us and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with him before the trek. The guide was excellent, and so were the porters. Without their support we would not have made it to the summit.
Kijk niet verder, boek hier!!! Wij hebben echt een geweldige ervaring gehad bij Syam, Resi, hun team en familie. Vanaf het eerste moment word je zeer persoonlijk behandeld en begeleid alsof je onderdeel van de familie bent. Ook zijn Syam en zijn team en familie erg milieubewust en nauw betrokken bij het ontwikkelen en opruimen van het nationaal park Rinjani.Wij hadden gekozen voor het private package 1N2D to summit en dat zouden wij ook iedereen aanraden; je betaalt iets meer maar krijgt er ook veel meer comfort voor terug.Wij boekten pas op het laatste moment en dat was totaal geen probleem. Syam reageert zeer snel, persoonlijk en professioneel op boekingen en de vragen die worden gesteld. Speciale verzoeken zoals dieet wensen, ophaal-/afzet locatie en huren-/kopen van materiaal waren allemaal geen probleem en konden gelijk worden geregeld.De dag voor de trekking werden wij opgehaald bij de haven Bangsal. Ondanks dat wij een uur vroeger arriveerden dan wij hadden afgesproken met Syam, stond de chauffeur binnen 10minuten al klaar om ons op te halen. De auto van Syam is heel erg comfortabel en ruim en de chauffeur Bul is de beste chauffeur die wij tot nu toe in Indonesië zijn tegengekomen, je voelt je gelijk op je gemak. Bij aankomst in Senaru word je met open armen door Syam en Resi en hun familie verwelkomd en wordt het schema van de trekking met je doorgenomen. Hierna word je naar je hotel gebracht en krijg je de optie om nog een aantal hele mooie watervallen in de omgeving te bezoeken (zeker een aanrader!). Ook krijg je nog een uitgebreid diner dat bestaat uit een hele tafel vol geweldig lekkere lokale gerechten die door de familie van Syam zijn bereid. De volgende ochtend werden wij opgehaald (7:00), aan onze gids Awal voorgesteld en naar het startpunt van de trekking in Sembalun gebracht (8:30). Onze gids Awal heeft meer dan 10 jaar ervaring op de Rinjani en heeft ons tijdens de trekking veel verteld over de omgeving en over de trekking. Awal is heel kalm en professioneel en kon al onze vragen over de route en de planning goed beantwoorden. Hij zorgde ervoor dat wij ons tijdens de trekking op erg moment erg veilig en op ons gemak voelde. Awal voelde precies aan wanneer wij toe waren aan een rustpauze en liet ons het tempo bepalen, wat heel fijn is als je de private package neemt in plaats van in een grote groep. Bij Pos 2 (11:00) ontmoetten wij de enorm vrolijke porters die heerlijke (en veel!) lunch voor ons hadden gekookt. Tijdens de hele trekking werd met alle dieet wensen rekening gehouden zonder ernaar te hoeven vragen. Eenmaal aangekomen bij de Crater Rim (15:00) kregen wij weer een lekkere snack en was de tent al voor ons opgezet. De tent, matrassen, slaapzakken, stoelen, tafel en toilettent zijn erg schoon (soms nieuw) en van goede kwaliteit. De matrassen zijn veel dikker dan normale kampeer matjes en lagen serieus lekker! De volgende ochtend (2:30-6:00) hebben wij samen met Awal de summit beklommen, en dat was zonder hem ook nooit gelukt! Een paar meter voor de summit stond hij zelfs zijn jas af zodat wij rillend van de kou de laatste meters nog konden volbrengen, wat een held! Na de afdaling (15:00) konden wij nog fijn douchen bij Syam in Senaru, waarna wij nog kosteloos door chauffeur Bul helemaal naar Kuta (4 uur rijden!) werden gebracht. Al met al was dit echt een geweldige ervaring die door het team van Syam nog beter is geworden. Alle services en faciliteiten die zij bieden zijn net iets beter en comfortabeler dan de andere trekking bedrijven. Wij zouden Syam Trekking aan iedereen aanraden!
Best tracking organisation mount Rinjani A friend and I did the 4 days 3 nights trekking around mount Rinjani and our experience was wonderful. The guide was really great and experienced. We had 2 porters with us carrying food and shelter. They were strong and very fast, setting up tents before we arrived. The food they made was really good and they made a lot for us. Every meal something different from hamburger to classic Indonesian. All the litter that we created was collected and brought down by the guide so we kept the mountain clean. I can honestly say this was a 10/10 experience and I cannot recommend this organisation enough.
Peter d
Amazing experience - recommend! In the last four days a friend and I climbed the Rinjani mountain with the company of Syam and Resi. Together with our guide (nephew of them) and two porters we climbed to the summit. I highly recommend booking with this company as they make your trekking as comfortable as possible. The porters walk ahead of you and prepare lunch/dinner for when you arrive at the break position. Moreover, everyday you will eat something different with a variety of fruit offers. One of the reasons why we booked with this company is that they take all the trash with them from the mountain, something not everybody does. Many thanks for guide Rob and the porters who made are trekking unforgettable.
Nature protecting trekking company - highly recommended! Awesome experience! 😍 Resi and Syam and their trekking crew are such wonderful people. Helpful, kind, always caring. The preparation of the trekking tour was really good. We were picked up at the harbour in Bangsal and brought to Senaru, where Syam Trekking is based. There, Syam explained the trekking route and the itinery in detail. The next morning we met our guide who was awesome as well as our porters (strongest men we have ever met 😉). While trekking, they told us so much about nature, the volcano, the locals and even more. The trekking route was beautiful and we felt save all the time. All meals that they prepared for us were just awesome. The equipment (tent, sleeping bags,...) was well cleaned and comfortable.If we come back to Rinjani one time, we will definitely hire again Syam Trekking!Highlights:Syam and Resi offer a huge variety of different trekking tours to Mt. Rinjani. You can choose between different packages (duration, starting point, additional hikes,...). Just kindly ask in advance.The day before the trekking started, Resi took us to some awesome waterfalls near Senaru (actually the best ones we saw during our travels in Indonesia!)Resi, Syam and their team really care about nature. During their hikes they collect rubbish and bring it down to the village. There, Resi and some other women manufacture lovely souvenirs from plastic.The company pays its guides and porters extra money for collecting rubbish during their hikes.The guides speak English quite fluently and well.
Lena L
Best Trekking Experiance! What a trip! And I mean it only in the best way. Resi and Syam are a lovely couple who support local businesses and families. Resi has a project where she asks school children to collect plastic trash and pays them for doing it. She later uses the cleaned plastic to make beautiful bags and flowers out of them.About the trek. We booked a customised trip to the Senaru crater rim, where we stayed for two nights. On the second day we went down to see the lake and the hot springs. Unfortunately, the locals camping at the lake are leaving their trash everywhere. This showed us how much Resi‘s and Sayam‘s mission to pay the guides and porters to collect trash on the way and pay them for each full bag they collect is needed (as well as Resi‘s approach to teach school children about the impact of plastic trash on the environment).Food was great. A lot of fruits, popcorn, Nasi Goreng, currys, and even a burger with chips. You will never feel hungry during the trip for sure. The tent, sleeping bags, pillows, everything was so comfortable. We never had such a comfy experience while camping. You even get a toilet tent.The guide and the porters where really helpful and always caring about our safety. When we were enjoying our camp fire in the evenings they told us a lot about the village, the national park, and how the earthquake and the pandemic impacted their lives.I can only recommend to book with Syam Trekking! You will get much more than you pay for; stories about the village and habing a glimpse on their everyday life. Resi showed us to the waterfalls and cooked for us some local dishes. Even fried farn (no kidding; really delicious!) for us, that she showed us on the way to the waterfalls. Being invited to their home and meeting their lovely daughters made us really happy. We felt so welcomed and safe all the time (as two female travelers this is important!).Thank you very much for this experience!


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  • Permits to climb Rinjani in 2023 are limited per day, so reserve your permit now before others do.

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